Marketplace Quality Requirements

The Roll20 Marketplace strives to empower artists and writers who love TTRPGs to share and sell content they've created. We intend to provide all players on Roll20 with a selection of thoughtful, polished content designed to enhance their play experiences.

  Roll20 Quality Control

Products may be removed from the Roll20 Marketplace at any time at our discretion. The following guidelines are to assist in communicating what goes into approving packs.

Item Quality

Creators of all skill levels present content of various styles, systems, and genres on the Marketplace. Roll20 adheres to the following considerations and guidelines during the content approval process.

  1. Submitted work must be of a polished nature:

    1. Art Packs should possess quality proportionate to their price and existing Marketplace items
    2. Adventures must promote an intuitive user experience and function optimally on the VTT
  2. All products must cite any licensed content in their listing description and/or via a "Credits" Handout (in the case of Adventures, Addon Play Aids, etc) 

  3. Submitted work must always meet or exceed the samples that were provided in the Seller's Roll20 Marketplace Application

Commercially Licensed Assets and IP Rights

Per the Roll20 Merchant Agreement, Sellers must only list for sale original artwork/content or commercially licensed assets for which they hold legal rights to release for profit. Any content that features another person's work without their knowledge and approval is prohibited. This includes free content you find on forums or anywhere else online! 

If Roll20 receives reports that published content may be in violation of copyright or commercial use laws, the Content Seller will be contacted and an investigation of all listed products will be conducted. Roll20 reserves the right to remove any content from the Marketplace that is found to be violating policy. We stress these issues to protect all Content Creators from legal issues and copyright infringement.

We absolutely encourage artists and game authors to create collaborative works together. Fees and other payments for commissions must be decided and executed between the participating Content Creators and are not monitored, nor enforced, by Roll20.


Even with a commercial license, standalone art packs should not include base assets by other artists that are also for sale in other standalone art packs on the Roll20 Marketplace.


Free Basic Rules Tokens

You may have noticed that many of the D&D and Pathfinder monsters included in our Free Basic Rules (aka SRD) offerings now have Tokens associated with them! They come courtesy of Roll20 Partner Brass Badger Workshop. You can use these tokens in your Roll20 content by purchasing the Commercial License Pack on the Roll20 Marketplace!

If you want to use the SRD entries but not the tokens, follow these instructions.

Once you drag one of the entries into your game, go into Edit Mode on that sheet and remove the token. You can then add the token art you typically use.

Check out a brief instructional gif below.

token removal.gif

Wizards of the Coast OGL Content

Marketplace content cannot contain copyrighted material and/or intellectual property that Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) does not define as "Open Content". Examples of WotC intellectual property include proper names and people from the Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Spelljammer, Magic: the Gathering, and their other published universes. There is also a list of propriety monsters (some examples: beholder, displacer beast, mind flayer) that are not included in the Open Game License.

  Wizards of the Coast Art Assets Are Prohibited

No artwork is provided as part of Wizards of the Coast Open Game License. You can not publish content with art assets from any of their published works or adventure campaigns. You are also prohibited from using Token and Handout art that is from any 5E Compendium.

A complete list of available items, rules, and monsters that can be legally incorporated into your third-party content from the 5E OGL System Resource Documents (SRD) can be found here

Art Submission Requirements

Image Asset Variants

We encourage artists to feature a majority of unique assets within their Art Packs. There are times when color variants or alternate versions of a singular map or token may be necessary to add value to an Art Pack (examples: skin/hair/clothing options, day/night/seasonal/weather map variants, gridded and gridless options). That is allowed, but please note that excessive variants that bloat the number of assets within a pack without a proportionate price increase will likely be pushed back by approval staff. 

Fan Art

The Roll20 Approvals team will approve Creator-generated fan art at its discretion; however, if the IP holders of any represented content express concern over products listed for sale, they may be subject to removal. Keep this in mind and generate content of this nature at your own risk. 

AI-Generated Content Policy


Roll20 defines "AI-Generated art" as images created through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques trained on pre-existing data sets. (Examples: Midjourney, Artbreeder, Stable Diffusion).

At this time, the Roll20 Marketplace does not accept any product that utilizes AI-generated art.

  • DriveThru Marketplaces, including Community Content Programs and Supported Marketplaces
    • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces do not accept standalone artwork products that utilize AI-generated art.
    • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces require publishers to set their own AI-generated artwork policies on Game, Rulebook and Adventure products. Any products that utilize AI-generated artwork must be tagged as such.

Written Content

While we value innovation, starting on July 31st 2023, Roll20 and DriveThru Marketplaces will not accept commercial content primarily written by AI language generators. We acknowledge enforcement challenges, and trust in the goodwill of our partners to offer customers unique works based primarily on human creativity. As with our AI-generated art policy, community content program policies are dictated by the publisher that owns it.

Software and Tools Policy

For any other software and tools utilized in the creation of art assets to be sold on the Roll20 Marketplace (Inkarnate, Dungeon Scrawl, etc), you must maintain a commercial license and follow the software's Terms of Service. The seller is responsible for any and all misappropriation of assets. 

We welcome products utilizing commercial use content, so long as that content supports your unique artistic vision. Here are our general guidelines:

  • Stand-alone Artwork: We encourage you to submit content that showcases your artistic flair. If you’re creating content with commercial use assets it should reflect your personal creative touch -- such as adding artistic treatment to those assets, or generating uniquely advanced creations.
  • Adventures, Modules, Setting & Source Books: In these larger projects, both treated and untreated assets are acceptable so long as they are additive to your larger unique product.

We value the unique creativity that each artist brings to the platform. Our primary focus is to offer content that showcases such artistry.

Regular Releases

The Roll20 Marketplace encourages Content Creators to upload regularly to retain visibility with their customers and to build their library of content offerings. Content Creators may submit up to 5 pieces of content a week for approval and may have up to 10 draft items at one time. 


Fully nude assets or nude assets in sexually suggestive positions are not permitted on the Roll20 Marketplace. A pack with partially nude assets must include more than one gender.

There should be no nudity present in Marketplace Item Cover Images; if necessary, the coverage may be by text or some other graphical element.

Any item with nudity in it must use the "Age Recommendation: Mature" Secondary Filter.

Written content deemed to be pornagraphic is not permitted on the Marketplace.

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