How to Request an Update to Existing Marketplace Items

In the life cycle of a product, there are many reasons why a Marketplace Partner may wish to edit or update work that is already for sale on the Marketplace. When it comes to requesting an update to existing marketplace items, follow these steps to have your item updated.


When any Marketplace Item is sent back to Draft status, it is temporarily removed from the Marketplace and may be unavailable to those who have previously purchased it. If an item is unavailable for too long, purchasers may think they have been deleted and request a product refund.

To avoid unnecessary refunds of your products, please be mindful when making changes to Marketplace items. Have all of your changes ready and try to time re-submissions with the Product Approval Workflow.

Art Packs, Token Market Sets, Packages, and Discount Bundles 

You can manually set your art pack back to draft status to make edits and resubmit to Roll20 for re-approval for routine changes such as correcting typos, adjusting prices or banner images, and/or updating product descriptions. Changes will apply to previous and future purchases.

To send your Art Pack back to Draft, from the Active tab of the Item Management page, click the Send Back to Draft button next to your item.


  Resubmission Notes

Resubmissions for approval must thoroughly describe all changes and updates made to your content in the "Notes for Roll20 Staff" box, or your item may not be re-approved.


For larger changes, such as a complete art pack refresh or branding updates made across multiple products, submit a request through our webform with a link to the Marketplace item(s) and a description of the changes you would like to make and await further instructions.

Game Addons and Modules

Game Addons and Modules can not be sent Back to Draft. You will need to work with Roll20 Staff to make any updates to an Addon or Module. Changes made to the Title, Price, Description, or anything found within the "Item Properties" of a product can be handled by Marketplace Staff at your request.

Any changes to your product itself (Pages/Maps, Handouts, etc.) will necessitate a patch. Patching Addons and Modules can be a difficult process. It is critical that all Addons are double-checked once Approved prior to Activation to ensure they are ready to publish. Patch requests may take up to a week to complete.

To request a patch, submit a request through our webform and include the following:

  • A link to the active Marketplace item
  • A link to a new game that is set up with all requested updates/changes
    • We recommend using a game made from the Market listing of the item, then applying all required changes to that one instead of the original
    • Please be mindful that editing Page or Journal content may overwrite edits made in your Customers' games when a patch is applied.
    • Create a new Handout Entry titled "Patch Notes" and include your change list in there. 
      • Please note that Journal entries added to a Patch game currently populate at the bottom of the Journal in alphabetical order and outside of any folders. You can instruct the user via the Patch Notes on ideal placement within the existing folder structure.
        If adding Journal entries or reorganizing folders was the main change, the patch process may take longer and require Dev assistance.
  • A thorough explanation of all changes made
    • This not only influences what is included as patch notes but also informs Market Staff of the changes they are expected to see between the old and new game during the patch process. This helps with QA when creating the patch.

  Patches Cannot Remove Content

Patches cannot DELETE content retroactively from a customer's existing game. Only new games created with the patched Module or Addon will respect the removed content.  

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