Community Content Programs and Supported Marketplace Content

Community Content Programs allow fans to create and sell their own content using the official content published by various IPs. Through the program, you will (soon) be able to create and sell your own content for use on Roll20! Create Roll20 Art Packs, Token Marker Sets, Adventures, Rulebook Addons, VTT Play Aids, and Product Packages that will be listed and sold at Supported Marketplaces such as and Fans who purchase your content can also unlock it for play under their Roll20 account as part of their purchase at those other marketplaces.

We’ve created an initial FAQ for expected questions. Once we have more details in January, we’ll update this page and relay the information to you.

Who can participate?

Anyone! You just need a Roll20 Partner account and a Community Content Program creator account (DMsGuild, Pathfinder Infinite).

What if I am not a current Roll20 Partner?

What if I am not a current Community Content Program Creator?

For DMsGuild Content

For Pathfinder Infinite Content

Will our current royalty splits be honored?

  • Yes. Because purchases will be made on those Supported Marketplaces (DMsGuild, Pathfinder Infinite) and not on Roll20, all existing royalty splits within our system will be honored.

What Types of IP Content can be used in a Roll20 Module/Addon?

The content standards will be dependent on the terms of each Community Content Program

No Artwork from IP Compendium content can be utilized in Addons and Modules. You can utilize IP Compendium text and statblock content to have functioning Character Entries in your Addons and Modules. You will need to replace Token art with your own content.

DMsGuild-Specific Callout: Artwork from Wizards of the Coast's official D&D 5E Compendiums cannot be used in your Roll20 Connected titles. This includes Token and Journal entry artwork attached to the Compendium pages you add to your games.

  • To help with that limitation, we have created some tokens from allowed older edition art for DMsGuild creators to use in their Roll20-connected titles. You can get them by clicking HERE.
  • This token pack contains the DMsGuild Creator Art Packs in token form. These tokens are licensed to use in Roll20 VTT content sold via the Dungeon Masters Guild program and published under the Community Content Agreement.
  • The tokens are not licensed to be used for any other purpose. All art is owned by Wizards of the Coast.

AI-Generated Art Policy

  • DriveThru Marketplaces, including Community Content Programs and Supported Marketplaces
    • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces do not accept standalone artwork products that utilize AI-generated art.
    • At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces require publishers to set their own AI-generated artwork policies on Game, Rulebook and Adventure products. Any products that utilize AI-generated artwork must be tagged as such.

How Does this Program Work?

  • Once you have a Roll20 Marketplace Partner Account, you will be able to create specific Supported Marketplace Item Listings. These are where you'll either upload your art assets as part of an Art Pack or link a Roll20 Game that hosts your converted content. 
  • Item listings can be created on the Roll20 side to generate a UUID (Universally Unique ID) which can then be plugged into a newly created Title on DMsGuild/Pathfinder Infinite's Marketplace.
  • The submission for approval and activation process follows the same procedure as other digital DMsGuild/Pathfinder Infinite product listings on their respective Marketplaces. The only nuance is that the Roll20 UUID will be needed to be added to the listing to sell its VTT content.
  • Customers who want to purchase these Roll20 items will be required to include the email address attached to their Roll20 account. The Roll20 product will then be listed on their My Marketplace Items page over on Roll20 after the purchase is processed. 

How do I Create Supported Content on Roll20?

Selling on Roll20

RECOMMENDED: Set up a Seller Account by completing this form. Detailed instructions can be found here if needed. Having a Seller Account allows you to:

  • Create a Publisher Profile where you can link to your Website, Social Media, etc.
  • Access Marketplace back-end permissions that allow you to build VTT listings
    • Working with a Third-Party Contractor? We’ll help you grant them access to build your content.
  • Have complete control over your titles, including access to edit and/or remove them
  • Provide access to all active UUIDs (A Universally Unique ID that links your products across Marketplaces)

You may prefer not to have your own Seller Account on Roll20 and instead have your Third-Party Contractor create your titles and listings on their existing Roll20 Seller account. The contractor will then provide you with your UUID(s) once your VTT product is activated.

You must follow these criteria if you choose to go through your contractor for the listing of your content on the Roll20 Marketplace:

  • You must both agree that this is your preferred method.
  • Since the sale of your product is still being conducted on the Supported Marketplace, this will not affect your payments.
  • Optional: if your Contractor also has their own account on the Supported Marketplace, they could manage and set up the title with a royalty split for your payments.

What’s Next?

To learn more about any of the following, please reference this article.

  • Building/Editing Your Listing
  • Setting Up Listings by their Item Type
  • Submitting your Item for Approval
  • Activating Your Item on the Marketplace
  • Linking and Activating Supported Marketplace Content





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