Who Can Sell on the Roll20 Marketplace?

Roll20 Partners are artists, map makers, adventure writers, and Publishers of all sizes who sell their content on our Marketplace. The Marketplace serves as a distribution center, exposing listed content to millions of Roll20 users, and as a central hub to share externally with supporters or prospective customers. 

Partners publish based on their personal needs and schedules by controlling the frequency of releases and various catalog offerings. Some enjoy a slow-and-steady approach that offers a source of supplemental income while accommodating their busy schedules. Other Partners operate their storefronts full-time, drawing their total income solely from Roll20 contributions.

Partnership Terms and Fees

Who can Apply?

  • Anyone looking to publish original art or adventures to be used on the Roll20 virtual tabletop (VTT). 
    • Including those looking to create VTT content for Community Content programs and/or Supported Marketplaces (like DMsGuild). 
  • Non-US or International applicants are welcome to apply!

What do Partners sell?

Roll20 Marketplace products range from:

  • Map, token, and other VTT-friendly artwork
  • Adventure campaigns (one-shot, short, and long)
  • TTRPG Rulebooks, bestiaries, and rule expansions in Compendiums or Module/Addons format
  • Board and Card Games
  • Play Aids and other related VTT components

We go into greater detail in our Types of Roll20 Marketplace Content article.

Retain Your Copyright Ownership

Partners retain ownership of 100% of their work.

The Royalty Split

Partners take home 70% of all sales. 

Roll20 applies the remaining 30% to distribution, advertising, hosting, and credit card transaction fees.

Note - if you are creating VTT content to support DMsGuild titles, your contracted 50/50 royalty split will apply.

No Exclusivity Policy

There is no exclusivity policy. Our hassle-free Merchant Agreements allow you to sell your products on other websites such as Patreon and other online marketplaces without penalty. 

Minimum Product Price

Roll20's minimum allowable price is $4.99 USD for any Marketplace listing. From there, the price can be increased in $0.50 increments: Prices ending with $0.49 or $0.99 USD respectively.

There are some limited exceptions to this price point (such as Adventure Previews from select publisher Partners)

You can read up on our Pricing Policy Here: Marketplace Pricing Standards.

When are Partners Paid?

All Partners owed are paid on or before the seventh of every month. All payments are issued via PayPal and a valid PayPal email is required to sell products on the Roll20 Marketplace. If you have payment issues, please email invoices@roll20.net.

Who Provides Tax Documentation?

Partners will not receive Tax forms (including 1099) from Roll20.

PayPal is responsible for sending documents to those paid via PayPal. The instructions to find documents can be found here.

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