Applying to Sell on the Roll20 Marketplace

This article walks through all the fields you will find on the Roll20 Marketplace Partner Application and what the fields are for.

You will know you're on the right form when the very first field, "How can we help you?" is automatically filled with the Roll20 Marketplace Partner Application option.

Account Information

1. Your email address

This should be your principal contact email address.

2. Subject

This is what is used to title your application help ticket. You can call it whatever you want. "Marketplace Application" is fine.

3. Description
Use this field to tell us a little about yourself and the sort of content you create.

4. & 5. First & Last Name

This should be the name of the Partner's principal contact.

5. Your storefront name
This will be your storefront name that will appear on the Roll20 Marketplace.

6. Roll20 Account ID
This is the Roll20 account that will be tied to your storefront access and managing your Marketplace listings. (If you don't have a Roll20 account, you can make one for free!)

You can find your Account ID by logging in and navigating to "My Profile" from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner by your display name. Your Account ID is the sequence of numbers found after the word "users" in your profile's URL. For example, the Xs in, what we're looking for. Please only send us the sequence of numbers and not the whole link.

7. Country of residence

This info is to help us group Partners together for the purpose of sending updates related to your region/location. 

8. Roll20 Account Email
This is the email used to sign in to the Roll20 account you're using for your storefront.

9. Your active PayPal email address
Roll20 sends all payments through PayPal. Please ensure this email is associated with a valid PayPal account.


Product Information

10. Where will your Content be listed for sale to customers?

There are 5 options available for this field. Choose one.

  • Roll20 Market only
  • DriveThru marketplaces only (Community Content Creator), unlocked on the Roll20 VTT
  • DriveThru marketplaces only (Publishing Partner), unlocked on the Roll20 VTT
  • Roll20 Market and DriveThru marketplaces (Community Content Creator)
  • Roll20 Market and DriveThru marketplaces (Publishing Partner)

Users can purchase content on supported marketplaces like DriveThruRPG, DMsGuild, etc. and unlock the VTT version on Roll20.

11. If you selected either of the DriveThru Marketplace options above, please provide links to some of your current titles on the DriveThru marketplaces (DriveThruRPG, DMsGuild, etc.). 

12. What content do you intend to sell?

There are two options available for this field. You can choose one or both as they apply to your product offerings.

  • Art Packs (Maps, Tokens, Figures, Portraits, etc.)
  • Game Content (Adventures, Compendiums, Modules, Addons)

If you are planning to sell Art Work, please upload 3-5 sample Maps, Tokens, or Portraits to represent the quality of your work. JPG, PNG, GIF, and WEBM are all acceptable file formats. Please do not attach a ZIP or other compression file formats. Your files also can not exceed 15MB in size.

The attachments field can be found at the bottom of this form. Check off the checkbox below when you have attached your art samples.


If you are planning to sell Adventure, Play Aid, and Rulebook content, please share the URL of a Roll20 Game of your in-progress conversion or a game you have made from scratch. The game does not need to be finalized for the application process. We run a simplified review of the game to ensure there is a proper understanding of how to set up Roll20 components such as Pages, Journal Handouts and Characters, Macros, etc.

If you are hiring a freelancer or contractor to build your Roll20 Content, please link to a sample of their work.

If you are a Publisher who is looking for Roll20 internal conversion or need our Vetted Freelance Contractor list, mention that in the form's Description field.

13. AI-Generated Art Policy 

This is the checkbox to agree that all artwork used in my Marketplace content will not utilize “AI-Generated Art” i.e. artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques trained on pre-existing data sets such as Midjourney, Artbreeder, etc. Roll20 and DriveThru Marketplaces will not accept commercial content primarily written by AI language generators.

14. Software and Tools Policy

This is the checkbox to agree that I maintain a commercial license and follow the software's Terms of Service for any other software and tools utilized in the creation of art assets to be sold on the Roll20 Marketplace. See the full policy below.

For any other software and tools utilized in the creation of art assets to be sold on the Roll20 Marketplace (Inkarnate, Dungeon Scrawl, etc), you must maintain a commercial license and follow the software's Terms of Service. The seller is responsible for any and all misappropriation of assets. 

We welcome products utilizing commercial use content, so long as that content supports your unique artistic vision. Here are our general guidelines:

  • Stand-alone Artwork: We encourage you to submit content that showcases your artistic flair. If you’re creating content with commercial use assets it should reflect your personal creative touch -- such as adding artistic treatment to those assets, or generating uniquely advanced creations.
  • Adventures, Modules, Setting & Source Books: In these larger projects, both treated and untreated assets are acceptable so long as they are additive to your larger unique product.

We value the unique creativity that each artist brings to the platform. Our primary focus is to offer content that showcases such artistry.

15. - 19. Self-Promotion Links

All these fields are optional to include any available self-promotion you'd like to include.

  • Personal/Company Website Link
  • Patreon Username
  • Instagram Username
  • Twitter Handle
  • TikTok Handle

20. Roll20 Merchant Agreement
Included on this form is our Roll20 Merchant Agreement. You must read and agree with this by checking off its related checkbox.

You can find an easier-to-read copy of the Roll20 Merchant Agreement here.

21. Application Agreement

This is a checkbox to confirm that you consent for us to process your application and use the data provided within it.

22. Roll20 Marketplace Asset EULA Agreement

This is the checkbox to agree to our Roll20 Marketplace Asset EULA which you can read here.

23. Attachments Field

This is the field to which Artists can attach their 3-5 art samples to.

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